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With the increasing property prices and compact living on the rise, getting that airy feel in a home is becoming difficult for the people. While buying bigger homes may not be in a budget of people, we’ve compiled a list of the top five home renovation ideas to make your smaller spaces look bigger and better, and to enjoy that ‘airy’ feel.

These tips are aimed come directly from the interior design experts to bring a spacious feel to a room of petite proportions.

1.  Flooring

Flooring plays the biggest role in making a house look spacious. Many of us may not but it really makes a difference. There are multiple types of home flowing available that serve to define spaces but can also make a small room feel even smaller. Hence, it is important to make sure using the right type of flooring when considering home renovation like wooden flooring with a large-format design as the fewer grout lines you see, the more expensive your floor will look.

2.  Walls

I guess you already know that walls are the best parts of a home and have the potential to make your house bigger and more spacious. It is well documented that pale shades make a room seem bigger and brighter. There is a reason for it, light-colored walls are reflective and this will maximize the effects of natural light in the area making it look more spacious and bigger. When selecting the wall colors, make sure to have a low contrast between different surfaces.

3.  Windows

Windows are the only way that let in natural light, but most of them need covering at certain times of the day unless you’re living in glorious isolation. If possible, try keeping window treatments the same as the wall color of the seamless look. It is always better to hang curtains high and letting them fall all the way as it gives the illusion of height making the rooms look bigger.

4.  Mirrors

Along with the better-designed windows and home renovation ideas, the mirrors are the great addition to take what sunlight you have and bounce it around the room. One of the most classic solutions for more natural lighting in the room is the wall covered in mirrors, but two or three oversized mirrors resting on the floor will work just as well. When using the mirrors, it is important to make sure to perfectly placing them to reflect a window or view to add bonus light.

5.  Lighting

Of course, you can add a great amount of lighting in the room with the windows and mirrors, but what when there is no natural light available? This is the time that your artificial lighting will be there to the rescue. For the small areas, it is all about getting the style and visual impact of the light correct, so using the slender floor lamps with base and shade in the same finish. Using the right types of light is key to making a room look more spacious and bigger than ever before.

So, now that you know about the best and most trusted tricks by the experts to make your home look more spacious, it is the time that you take charge over the condition and give your compact house a new appearance without hiring a professional interior decorator and save a lot on your home remodeling projects.

Go ahead and bring a change to your daily life.